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Entrehunt : To Brawl the Brain for the Gain


Event Brief:

It is a fun two-day virtual event comprising brain teasers, riddles, and crosswords.

Event Details:

• The event is divided into two rounds.

• Furthermore Round 1 is divided into two parts.

• In the FIRST PART of round 1, a PDF with 5 riddles based on the theme of digital entrepreneurship, general awareness, technology and entrepreneurial web series. The answers to these will lead to a crossword which contains some highlighted boxes. The alphabets from these highlighted boxes will completely form a meaningful English word, consequently those words will be the passcode for the google form which marks the completion of the first part.

• In the SECOND PART of round 1, after opening that google form it will further contain 2 tasks. With timely completion of these tasks the teams will enter in ROUND 2, scheduled for the next day.

• The results of round-1 will be declared on our social media handles on the same day.

• In ROUND 2, the teams will be provided with some clues/hints and have to encircle the brand/ logo related to each brand they identify in the particular picture given to them.

• The teams completing the task in minimum time will be declared as the winner.


• A participant can only participate in a team with minimum : 2 and maximum:3 members.

• The participants must complete the round-1 in the alloted time to qualify for the second round.

• Any kind of misbehave with other participants or event coordinator will lead to disqualification.

• The teams arriving late for the tasks will not be entertained.

• The teams unable to find the password of the pdf in the first round will be disqualified.

Participants found helping out other teams or with same submissions will be disqualified.


Every team needs to pay nominal registration fees of Rs. 30/-

For any queries, contact:
Shreemant Singi: +91 89892 78599 or
Umang Shrivastava: +91 6265 898 547

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I register for the event?

The registration link for the event will be available on our website and all social media handles.

Q. Whom should I contact if I face any problems during the event?

After the successful registration for the event, each participant will be added to an exclusive telegram and WhatsApp group where you can ask event-related queries. Also every team will be assigned respective Event coordinators who will be in your touch constantly.

Q. What’s the schedule for the event?

The event consists of two rounds and will take place on two consecutive days. The teams qualifying the first round will enter the second round.

Q. Which platforms will be used?

For the convenience of everyone, the event will take place on Google Meet/Zoom.

Q.How to pay for the registrations?

We use UPI for the payments.

Date : 27th & 28th November 2021